How do you relax after a long, tiring and stressful day? Just getting a massage, listening to your favourite music or hitting the bed may help you temporarily. What you need is an effective way to relax and revive in order to revitalise your senses and feel refreshed from within. While yoga has the innate qualities of relaxation and soothing associated to it, certain asanas help you find the balance and serenity with total relaxation. It is a structured and conscious format, combined with deep breathing, calming your nerves and relieving you of all the tension in your body’s joints and muscles including the thoughts that influence your mind.

Some of the yoga poses that help you relax are:

  • The corpse pose or ‘shavasana’
  • Child’s pose or Balasana that helps you curl up like a ball
  • Legs up the wall
  • Crocodile pose or Makarasana

Please note all the asanas must be practiced under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor only.


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