In a small town nestled in the quaint district of Kodagu (Coorg), Karnataka, a young girl named Prathima was introduced to the world of yoga by her nurturing mother. Growing up, she embraced a simple and humble lifestyle, and little did she know that yoga would play a pivotal role in shaping her future.

Upon finishing her PUC, Prathima steadfastly supported her family by taking up a job while pursuing her degree in the evenings. As life flowed, she spent the next 12 years excelling in the corporate sector. However, destiny had something else in store for her.

After marriage, when Prathima became a mother and decided to dedicate her time fully to her newborn baby, she yearned for a fresh start in her career. Drawing from her early exposure to yoga, she enrolled in the Yoga Teacher’s Training Course (TTC), certified by Yoga Alliance International. Little did she know that this decision would become the foundation of her remarkable journey of healing and transformation.

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