Pratima, our yoga teacher at Abhisarga is so motivating and inspiring. She understands each one’s requirements and guides us accordingly. I really enjoy my yoga classes. We focus on strength, stability, stretching and building core strength. It’s all about overall fitness. Thank you Abhisarga, Thank you Pratima!!!
Thanks to Prathima and Abhisarga, I can finally say Yoga is a way of life. Prathima’s dedication as a teacher induces excitement and willingness to participate in the class and get better. 10/10 recommended for anyone contemplating joining.
Pratima is doing a great job training women towards fitness.. Her passion and knowledge is very evident in her well planned sessions. She motivates each n everyone of us to get better with ourselves day by day making it more fun and enjoyable. Thank u Pratima.
Prathima is a fabulous teacher. She teaches her students with a lot of patient and is very encouraging. The best part about her classes are that she manages to give everyone adequate attention even if all the students are at different levels / stages of yoga! She is also firm and ensures you attend classes regularly and follows up with you like a personal trainer.
I have been practicing Yoga with Prathima for about 10months now via online classes. It’s been a really smooth journey to fitness with her. Her attention to correct positions is amazing even on a group video class. She encourages you to set moving targets of improvements at your own pace.

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