Giving them the gift of yoga at a tender age will go a long way in developing the child’s personality and reinforce their body and mind. At Abhisarga, yoga is presented to them in a child’s language, using techniques and sounds that they can relate to and understand better. They connect more deeply with their inner self. Children are able to relate to yoga in a better way as they learn through creative imagination such as Animal Postures, Yoga Stories, Creative Visualisation and Musical Nidra/Rest. We build their self-confidence and create a non-competitive environment.

Introducing yoga for children at an early age has enormous benefits such as:

  • Building interest at a young age
  • Enhancing creativity and imagination
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Building flexibility and strength
  • Improving memory through games
  • Developing social skills with group interactions
  • A comforting space to relax

Kids yoga sessions at Abhisarga covers the following aspects:

  • Animal Yoga Stories – to help children remember names of postures and kindle imagination.
  • Learning Different Body Movements such as forward and backward bends, inversions and twists along with their benefits.
  • Guided Visualisation with Music – enhances creativity of mind and makes the kids feel happy.
  • Fun Games – to work on motor skills, attention span, retention, memory and body reflex.
  • Learning to breathe correctly and breathe well with simple everyday exercises.
  • Creating home practice with Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskara
  • Group Yoga and Fun Partners – to make friends, work as a team, learn coordination and responsibility.

Abhisarga – creating yoga for you… a place where children learn yoga in a fun way!Children’s Yoga Classes at ‘Abhisarga’ is conducted by a registered children’s yoga teacher (RCYT) trained and highly skilled in innovative techniques to teach yoga for children.


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