Abhisarga in Sanskrit means to create, or a creation. Prathima, the founder of Abhisarga had envisaged that she would give this name to whatever she creates as a purpose. And, when Yoga began to create new possibilities for her, she decided to name her vocation ‘Abhisarga – creating yoga for you!’

For Prathima and her students, Abhisarga is yoga and beyond. It becomes a part of you! At Abhisarga your experience of yoga is very different. Predominantly focussed on the traditional styles of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, we personalise the practice of yoga for each one of you. Your body type, lifestyle and medical conditions are evaluated before deciding on what suits you the best. Yoga at Abhisarga is progressive. The classes are endearing, engaging and invigorating.

What's Unique About Us?

Traditional Form of Yoga

Compulsory 5 Days a Week

We Create Yoga For Your Body Type

Focus On Healing

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